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Kodo creates beautifully simple and effective online training toolkits that can be mastered in minutes.
Our mission is to give individuals and organisations the technology they need to teach and train with confidence.


Our Online Platforms for Training and e-Learning:

At Kodo we have developed our own bespoke technologies enabling us to publish our educational resources to organisations around the world. We also white-label our technologies to thought-leaders and practitioners from all sectors. They then use our online training toolkits to create their own online courses, training and e-learning experiences. We have clients and partners in Europe, the Middle East, China, Africa and the USA.

The Technologies have been Bundled to Create the Following Service Platforms: - online tools for managers, coaches, trainers and anyone who needs to deliver online training to clients, colleagues or customers. - an online toolkit for teachers, tutors, lecturers and educational trainers to deliver their own learning materials. - Kodo’s pioneering e-safety teaching and training resource for primary and secondary schools. - Our online training service, offering British standards of training to the internationl early years education market


The Kodo Story:

In 2012, we began our journey. The Kodo team built an online platform that would enable teachers and students to access Kodo’s teaching and training resources, wherever and whenever they needed them. We currently have over 9000 schools around the world using the Kodo platform and educational resources.

Opening up the Kodo Platform for Trainers, Coaches and More:

From early on, it was obvious to us that the potential existed for the platform to have a much wider application in the education and training sector. We began working with partners who utilised the Kodo platform for their own teaching, training and coaching purposes. Having proven the success of our own technologies through and, we created for use by our partners and clients.

Kodo is continually seeking to improve user experience, add features, keep costs low for users and make the platforms as accessible and easy to use as possible. Our technologies create amazing opportunities for thought-leaders and learners to share their learning journeys.

Meet The Founders

Kirsty Collinson, Chief Strategy Officer


Kirsty began her career as a serial entrepreneur as a Shell LiveWire finalist in the 1990s. Since then she has been behind a series of award-winning and highly successful website launches including and After receiving business angel funding for, Kirsty went on to buy out the investors three years later, and create an online publishing business that included a portfolio of advertising and subscription-driven websites in the travel and education sectors.

As well as her online publishing experience, Kirsty has had a business book published by Bloomsbury, a series of travel books published by Harper Collins and a range of children's books published by Random House. Her media profile includes work as a business columnist for the Sunday Express and the Yorkshire Post. She has won the Sunday Express Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and her portfolio of websites has resulted in awards including BETT finalist, best start-up business and best B2C website from Digital Yorkshire. Kirsty has been a finalist in, and judged, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

As CSO at Kodo, Kirsty is responsible for business development and strategic partnerships.

“Kirsty is an intelligent, hard working and market aware woman. She is target and time driven, flexible, understands value as well as cost and is aware of the needs of her investors and customers. My investment with Kirsty ran exactly to schedule which is quite unusual. We had regular meetings and discussions which lead to decisions, and the company grew in line with its targets. When the company had sufficient financial strength the Management bought out the investors at a premium as per the original agreement. I would happily invest with her again.”
George Newton, Business Angel Investor

Ian Pringle, Chief Technology Officer


Ian has worked with organisations of all sizes, ranging from France Telecom/Orange and Freeserve through to start-ups and SMEs. He has extensive experience in developing new technologies, cutting-edge software and communications innovation. With an MSC in Internet Application Development, he brings his knowledge and understanding of programming and software development to Kodo, and co-ordinates a team of talented individuals to further evolve the Kodo platform.

Having worked at CTO level since 2007, Ian is at the forefront of technology trends and innovations. His background in new uses and applications of technology, and his interest in the implications of how we all interact with tech, enriches his understanding of how technology can really add value for businesses and solve problems for users.

As CTO at Kodo, Ian is responsible for the development and implementation of the Kodo platform.

Ian is passionate about tech start-ups, and acts as a non-executive director for a number of exciting new businesses.

"I recommend Ian without hesitation. Ian is extremely knowledgable and a highly skilled professional. He is extremely reliable, and like many passionate-about-technology-people, delivers beyond expectations. He is able to re-pose problems in ways that help to significantly advance thinking. He has initiative and a sensitivity to group dynamics that makes him an indispensable leader and team player when called upon to play these roles. Above all, he is a great guy to work with who has a great sense of humour. He also plays in a band which makes him pretty cool."
Norman Lewis, Innovation at PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited

The Kodo Team

Kodo Education is a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, designers, content creators and communicators who work hard to constantly improve our offering to our partners and clients.

Morwick Hall, Mortec Office Park, York Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 4TA, UK | 0113 526 5980

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